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Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30 red gold Black Replica Watch
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Greubel Forsey Double Tourbillon 30 red gold Black Replica Watch - 01-30-2020, 09:43 PM

Create your own metal watch brand

We are all familiar with the most popular materials of the case-steel, rose gold, titanium, etc. But what about Rolesium, Ceragold, and Powerlite? Although many watch brands are proud to make their own cases, movements, and dials, only a few have put in extra effort and actually invented their own materials, mainly used for cases, Audemars Piguet Replica watches,but sometimes even for watches Inside parts. Many of these already appeared when watch brands invested in the development of new alloys to make stronger, lighter, and / or more scratch-resistant substances. Below we look at the brand that invented its own alloy by combining different metals.

As part of the "fusion" philosophy, Hublot has developed several materials of its own. These include cermets that mix ceramic and metal, and Hublonium, an alloy of magnesium and aluminum. The brand has also created a hard, scratch-resistant gold alloy called Magic Gold. Magic Gold is made of 75% pure gold. The process is to melt and fuse gold and ceramic (ceramic is more porous and harder than gold) to produce harder gold. For more information on Hublot's Magic Gold development process, click here.

Ulysses Nadin
Ulysse Nardin uses its own material, Diamonsil, in the manufacture of Ulysse Nardin marine timepieces.

The escapement of the movement UN-118 is made of Diamonsil, the result of a collaboration between Ulysse Nardin and the Swiss company Sigatec, which consists of synthetic diamonds grown on silicon.Richard Mille Replica watches

Harry Winston
Harry Winston has DLC-treated his proprietary Zalium material as part of the Histoire de Tourbillon 4 on the strap, arches and lugs of the watch, and on the bezel of the tourbillon use. Zalium is an alloy of aluminum and zirconium. It is a durable and ultra-light material that is also used in aeronautical engineering.

Maurice Lacroix
Maurice Lacroix has developed a proprietary alloy called PowerLite, which is composed of five elements: aluminum, magnesium, titanium, zirconium, and ceramic, and is specifically designed to provide a wide range of color treatments. PowerLite's response to anodizing is much better than other aluminum alloys. Anodizing is a surface color treatment used in vehicles, aircraft and buildings. Its weight is half that of steel, but its hardness is twice that of steel. Maurice Lacroix uses PowerLite for the colored case and bezel of its Pontos S Extreme sports watch, which was launched at Baselworld 2014.www.bestluxurysale.com

Nippon Seiko spent five years developing a special alloy called Spron 610, which is more shock-resistant and magnetic than standard alloys and can be used in hairsprings for several of its internal movements, including in Grand Seiko Calibre 9S86 used in Hi-calibre. Defeated the 36,000 GMT model. The brand developed another alloy, Spron 530, for the movement of the movement. The Spron 530 enables the spring to withstand the greater torque required for the high-frequency balance of the movement and provides the watch with an amazing 55-hour power reserve.

Although it is not a metal in itself, we have to associate Rado's plasma high-tech ceramics from Swiss watchmakers with the most relevant use of ceramics in high-end watches. The company uses a patented cutting-edge process to forge this colored metallic material, which was originally made as a standard finished white ceramic, which is carried out in an oven at extremely high temperatures-the gas is activated at a temperature of 20,000 C In order to raise the temperature of the ceramic to 900 C, it gives the metal luster a warm luster and changes its surface color. This process can change the chemical composition of the surface without changing its structure, so the other beneficial properties of ceramics-hardness, scratch resistance, brightness and hypoallergenicity-are not affected. Rado uses plasma high-tech ceramics to make watches in the DiaMaster and HyperChrome series,high quality replica watches
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